RMS Missing in RS+

I use a Reach RS+, with the NTRIP SAPOS-Service in Germany. It looks mostly well but I’m unsettled that there are no RMS shown in the fixed coordinates (also in the exported points). I want to have this accuracy information. What should I do? Can anybody help?

Was this an instant measurement or an averaged measurement?

Hi, thank you for helping. It is the first day i use the reach. I don‘t know where I can see if it is a instant or average measurement. I know that it is a fixed solution.

You are able to see the number of epochs in the csv file

Hi, I think I did instant measurements (see Screenshots from the csv file). I don‘t know where I can change this in the settings?

Hi Florian,

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It seems that the averaging in your project is off. That’s why RMS values aren’t calculated.

You can set the averaging to a particular time period in the project dashboard. After that, you can view the RMS values for each point in the Survey tool and the CSV file.

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Hi, thank you.
I found the option to activate the averaging in the measurement for each point.
i don´t know why i didn´t see it before. now i could make my tests.
thx for helping!

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