Hi,im new user of emlid GNSS!

i just want to know what is the “Good” numbers in my RMS data. also i want tokanow what is top PDOP number to know if my point was true/good.

im testing the RS2 and i have the picture resoults

When it is less than your client demands. Or, at least that would be one metric.

I would advice reading up on the DOP’s (Dilution of precision) in general. Wikipedia has reasonable article for a start. Beware that you can’t necessarily correlate a given pdop value to a certain precision because of difference in setup and environment, but some correlation of course does exist.


im using the reach view3 origina setup, can i change any part in this setup ?

You mean the view or? Not sure I understand the question sorry.

PDOP is usually around 2.0 when conditions are good. Ours is setup at 2.5 and it will not collect unless it is fixed. As you can see you have a few above 2.5 but I think it became a problem about half way through that list when it went from 4-5 and the RMS went above 0.10m.

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thxz :grin: :grin:


First of all, congrats on becoming a part of our community!

Michael and Christian made really good points about RMS and DOP. I just want to make your research a bit easier and share the link to our Glossary. Both terms are explained there. But if you have more questions, you’re welcome!


Is that for all 4 constellations or for a single system ?

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Gps, Glonass and Galileo.


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