Rising of age of differential via LoRa on RS2

I think I might be experiencing the same issue. I primarily use Base/Rover with Lora and have been experiencing severe loss of lora (up to 30 seconds) even when working at close range (20 metres or so). I have been using the RS2 since October 2021. Hopefully this can be addressed sooner rather than later.

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Hi David,

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Even when the symptoms look similar, the causes of the issue may be different. So let’s dig deeper into your case and try to figure out what’s going on there.

Do you work with 2 Reach RS2? Are they on the latest 28.4 firmware version? What settings do you use to configure LoRa: default ones from the Base and rover setup guide?

Also, please record and share the 10-15 minutes logs where the issue persists so we can see the full picture of it. We’ll need:

  • Raw data logs from base and rover
  • Correction logs from the rover
  • Position logs from the rover in LLH format

To record them, you just need to go to the Logging tab in ReachView 3. Downloading the files is available there as well.


Hi David,

How is it going? Did you have a chance to take a look at my previous comment?

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Hi Julia, thanks for getting in touch. I haven’t had a chance to look into this in more detail, when I get a chance i’ll reply in full.

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I am following this tred.
We have a project to stake out surfaces using fieldgenius for android and RS2 survey kit.
We collected a point for 5 minutes using NTRIP and establish our base.

Bose mode lora and rover input Lora. 3 feet away from each other and the age difference goes from 2 to 8, then No link and back to one. These symptoms are present in both the fieldgenius android and the reachview 3 app. There is no way we stake surfaces accuratly like this.

We need help fast and there is no direct support over the phone with EMLID.
Settings for base: RTK is static, all constalations and at 1hz rate. Base mode, Lora, 820 Hzmhz, air data rate is 9.11, manual entry and rtcm3 settings are at default

Rover settings: Kinematics, all constelations, 1hz rate, just corrections input in lora to match base settings.
LORA ISSUE.zip (1.0 MB)

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I switched back to ver 27 and it resolved. See this thread

Jim V,

Looks like the issue with our units was resolved. In another post, there was a comment stating the problem could have been from the E38 supplier. I can comment that we have a few from E38 and working fine.

The approach we took was to reset the EMLIDs to factory default settings. After that, we use the recommended settings from here: Reach RS2: Setting RTK over LoRa Radio - YouTube

Everything worked out well after that. I’ve been told by other users that have experienced the same symptoms and that resetting their units, has worked well.

I hope this can help you as well.

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Hi @avelez,

Thank you a lot for sharing the solution! I’m pretty sure it may be of great help to others.

Guys, we recommend keeping all the devices on the latest stable firmware version. Currently, it’s 28.4. In case you face any issues with it, please go straight to us. We’ll look carefully into each case.

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