Rising age of differential. Unable to reset at rover

Version 2.6.0. Having issues with raising AOD and not beeing able to lower it like before.
Message 1002,1006 and sbas at 1hz but AOD is climbing and can not get it reset like before by turning of RS or change rtk setting. AOD starts of where if left. Base rover range about 230m @ 9kbit on 870mhz. Haven’t run into this before

Hey, @TB_RTK

Sorry for the wait. We know there is an issue with the driver and are cooking up a fix at the moment. Long-term usage is affected by the current version and AOD does grow over time. At the moment, only rebooting will actually help, as LoRa driver is separated from the app. We know the root of the issue, so you can expect the fix pretty soon.


I met the same issue. Having a reboot button on interface would be great.

Well, I think having the LoRa driver fixed would be better solution. Do you have any other reasons to need this button?

Sometime receivers are not easy to access. Push a remote button to reboot is convenient in case like this.

Just released v2.7.1, addressing this. Should be all fixed. Remember, that having too much RTCM3 messages is still a bad thing for RTK, but the driver will not choke on them now.

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