Rinex with reach 2

I have recorded a raw file 8 minutes with reach 2.
When I use the application to convert it to rinex and look at the satellites tracked, I see many satellites that only have L1.
there are also cuts in the timeline in which the satellites have stopped being observedhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1542DxVxGnabjXZU-0ZbLAB5tB3x9zdKO/view?usp=sharing

After choosing the parameters in RTK Settings and launching the recording try not to touch anymore until you stop logging… which explains the cuts.

and about satellites that are high in the sky and only L1 signal arrives.
yellow only L1
green l1 and l2

Try again but this time let the receiver 5 minutes before launching the recording in a place with a clear sky and do not touch until stop logging.

First, I would suggest upgrading to the latest firmware:

Hi @gujahu,

Which RTKLib version do you use? Please make sure you downloaded the correct RTKLib for RS2 in our docs.

First of all, download the RS2 RTKlib (as mentioned by @tatiana.andreeva) , that will show a truer image.

Secondly, the RS2 recieves the L2C GPS band, which all GPS sats doesn’t broadcast just yet. So you will see more L2 sats with time.

That is the reason, the signal received by rs2 is L2c.
Thank you

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