Rinex version support


What are the supported versions of RINEX?

In Finland, it would be possible to get a free RINEX 1.3


Hi Vesa,

Reach generates RINEX 2.x and 3.x.

Hi @igor.vereninov, How to generate to rinex 2.?
And is there any other configuration on rtk-conv such as ant-type in column field, and other configuration?

You can change settings in ReachView settings tab. Just change RINEX version there.

Oh, okey.
And can it use for PPP post processing on the website which provide post processing PPP free, because they need rinex 2.11?

These sites usually require L1/L2 observations, not just specific RINEX version.

Can we do PPP static post processing with rtklib ?
whole night I’m searchig for static PPP post processing with RTKLIB, but no result.

It seems possible, but I never actually tested it.