Rinex version compatibility with rtkpost version

Hi, I´ve been trying to learn how to work with rinex data to correct coordinates of my base station. I have a Rinex Antena 20Km away from here, but I can´t obtain a good process with rtkpost.
Is there any relevance on using Rinex 2.11 or 3.03? Can anyone confirm me the config on the emlid reach and in rtkpost?. Something must be missing as we obtained only one time a correct process. We had repeat everything many time and only Q=0 as a result.
Oter thing, I understand that the position of the rinex antenna is included in the rinex file, so why do I need to introduce the coordenates manually?



Sorry for the late reply.

20 km is a little too far, but in post-processing you still might get good results.

You can use either, but should not mix them together. If you logged RINEX v2 on Reach, you should download RINEX v2 from your base station as well.

Something is definitely wrong. You should at least get single solution(Q=5). Refer to our post-processing guide.

It depends. If your RINEX station provides precise coordinates, just use them. RINEX files only contain approximate coordinates usually.

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