Rinex slicing

Hi everyone,
today I find myself having to work with multiple rinex files divided into 15-minute packets which must be merged for a post-processing of the data coming from the drone.
Emlid studio wants only one .obs file and so I should merge all rinex files downloaded from landline. Could anyone help me?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Daniele,

Welcome to our community!

If you mean the base RINEX files, Emlid Studio supports uploading multiple of them. Once you click on the Base tab, you can select several observation files. Emlid Studio will merge them for post-processing. Or you can choose them in the folder and drag them to the Base tab.

The rover logs can’t be merged, so you need to process them separately.

If you face any difficulties, feel free to send your files privately to support@emlid.com. I’ll help you with post-processing.


Thank you very much Kirill,
I’ll try it soon!