RINEX problem

I just have a problem with the RINEX file, when I try to submit to IBGE for processing with a real position on datum SIRGAS2000, the app send the next message:

If someone can help me with it, I will appreciate it.
I have ever used RTKLib to convert the UBX files, have other software to do that?

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Just a wild shoot. Could it be your rinex version is something else the 2.x?
When you converted .ubx, what rinex version did you set?

Hi Eder,

Please compress your RINEX observation file and post it online so that we can see what is wrong with the formatting.

Apparently there is a problem with the TYPES OF OBSERV line which seems to be missing or not conformal to the expected format.

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I’m using the latest version, 3.03.

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Hello Eder_Silva, I also live in Brazil. I’m starting my searches a couple of Reach RS. In my experience I obtained an excellent result with the RTK LoRa.
Soon I’m looking for information for my next research.
I want to leave a question … have you ever tested post-processing with the RBMC? Did you get good results?

Hi Anderson_RF, I need put the coordenaties in SIRGAS2000 to make the project in form to laws in Brasil.
I never listened about RBCM, I only post-processing in RTKConv with RTKPost.

I can’t send files yet, and using the RINEX 2.X, the error is:

Oi Anderson e Eder, vocês estão tendo bons resultados com o reach? Também gostaria de utilizar o RBCM para o PPK, sabem informar se dá certo?

Yes! it is possible to work with RBMC. Good results! I am still looking for a way for Toopcon tools to accept the Reach .nav file, I am only able to use RBMC’s .nav, but in any case the result will not change. It’s more for research purposes.

But I am still in my research with IBGE PPP. Something involving Rinex 2.11. IBGE can not synchronize schedules. I try to put my results to the end of the research.

Boa tarde Eder.

Como você faz para ajustar o pós-processamento dos dados RTK do Emlid? Estou executando alguns testes e gostaria de saber.


Me envie um email para conversarmos: e.eujacio@gmail.com

Obtive bons resultados sim, porém não consegui utilizar o RBCM.

Hi all,

I’m from Brazil too, and i’m using reach with RBMC… due the low rate of recording (an observation at each 15s), the kinematic processing is not good…

in static mode, you’ll need to take more time to obtain fix… or use another program (i’m using inertial explorer to resample de base in the frequency of my reach). I’m not sure if RTKConv or some tool of RTKLIB do this task.

Best Regards

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