RINEX log missing

Reach RS2+ v31.8 and Emlid Flow Android v10.9

This morning as usual I manually started recording before beginning measurements, and stopped it when finished. Roughly 2 hours of logging.
When back in office and gathering data for PPK corrections I did notice that RINEX logs were not there, only position track and base corrections has been kept, as you can see in the screenshot:

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Hi @geom.stefano.donati,

Can you please send me a full system report of your Reach receiver? I’ll check what was going on with the log recording. You can also email it to support@emlid.com as it may contain sensitive information.

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Thank you @kornel.nemeti for your reply, I’ve sent few moments ago the zip file at the support mail.

I do remember I had to delete a previous log file because it was a very short one, like 1 minute. I suppose my coworker mistakenly stopped the logging right after the start, and then restarted it again.

Still, I do not exclude I’m the one that messed up something but I need to understand how so I can avoid it on next jobs.

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Hi Stefano,

I’ve received the full system report and checked what happened during the recording. Our developers have already investigated this rare behaviour, and the 32 beta firmware version includes a fix for it, which will also be part of the stable firmware. However, it seems that these particular logs need to be recorded again.

To update to the beta firmware, let’s go to Settings → Firmware updates → Beta updates in Emlid Flow. Also, it’s always possible to roll back to the stable version.