RINEX L2 header

Still seeing L2 information in my Rinex headers. When dealing with NRCAN PPP, I had to run the Rinex through RTKCONV to remove the L2 information. To perform PPK using a Reach Base and Rover, will I need to first run the Rinex for each through RTKCONV and get rid of the L2 header to get PPK to work in RTKPost?


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Which ReachView version do you have? This has been changed in v2.10.0

This is only needed for NRCAN, PPK with RTKLIB works great with or without the header.

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v2.10.0 . I;ve had it for a week or two.

Should is fix this automatically with the update. or do I need to click something?

Related to the PPK I have run so far. I spot something odd in the image below.

THe green track is the PPK’d Rover track using the header information from the Rinex base file for the coordinates of the base.

THe brownish/yellow track is the PPK’d Rover track using the manually enters WGS84 coordinates I plugged into the base when I did this survey. The base was set over a high precision monument, and the coordinates I entered have been verified

THe purple points are the survey points I took while connected via LoRa, The one labelled fix and the tight cluster of brownish/yellowish rover track files should marks the same coordinate. Given that I had a fix when I surveyed the points, and given that I used the base data to perform PPK (with the nav data from the rover). I expected the PPK solution for the rover track to be much much closer than 1.4 meter difference I am seeing here? Are there settings or other option in RTKLIB that would allow me to get these closer together?

If you share the base/rover log, we might find an explanation for you.


Thanks for the report. The X2 are the correct naming scheme for BeiDou satellites since RINEX v3.03(page 24). During development of RINEX v2 there was no BeiDou system at all, so we use the same names as we do on the more recent version for the format.

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