Rinex Header position

Hi, it is normal that the rinex header base position differs of the base setup in the Emlid Flow app?

Emlid Flow 9.12 iOS
32 Beta 2

If it is normal
The Rinex header is a first approximation, which has a metric accuracy(1m-30m), your Average single has sub-metric accuracy ( a little better). For make everything fit with the RTK work use the manual coordinate for your PPK.

Hi @danilostgo,

The base position in the RINEX header is the last averaged epoch coordinate with an accuracy of a few meters. It is different from the manually inputted coordinates in Emlid Flow during base setup.

In Emlid Studio, you should manually input the known coordinates of the base. In this way, the PPK results will be relative to the known position of the base.

Copied, Thanks!