Rinex file transfer via built in modem

We would like to use a RS2 as a continously running base station to collect data for automatic postprocessing after upload of rover data to a web app.

Is there a way to create at a certain time interval rinex files from the log and send them via built in modem to a remote repository? or could we access via the built-in modem the folder where the rinex files are stored?

Or is there another approach to solve the problem we didn’t think of?

Thank you and best regards


Hi Bernard,

At the moment, the only way to access the logs is through the ReachView App.

You can set the “Logging split period” in the “Setting” to start a new log once the desired time is reached while preserving the previous log as well. Please note that a minimum automatic split period is 1 hour.

You can always start and stop logging manually by turning on and off the toggles in the “Logging” tab.

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