RINEX file for Propeller Aeropoints

Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows how to use a Reach base station to produce RINEX files for Propeller Aeropoints corrections. The area I am flying in does not have their network coverage and I am hoping to use an RS2 to produce RINEX for PPK. I attempted to record RINEX on my base while collecting aeropoints data, but I’m not sure how the RINEX files work. There are a number of different output files. Anyone have experience with this?

Hi @jherbranson,

Reach indeed can record RINEX files. As I see, you’re already on this step. RINEX format contains two types of files: observation and navigation. On Reach, *.22O and *.22P consequently. You need both of them for post-processing.

To advise something further, I need to know more details about your project :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not familiar with Propeller Aeropoints and don’t know how to post-process data for them.

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