Rinex File for NGS OPUS processing

Hardware Reach M2 version 2.24.2
Software RTKCONV-QT ver.2.4.3 Emlid b33
RINEX Header
RTKCONV-QT 2.4.3 Eml 20210130 184730 UTC PGM / RUN BY / DATE
log: C:\prj\JOA\Emlid\027\raw_202101271926.ubx COMMENT
format: u-blox COMMENT

-2669737.2113 -1547809.9631 5563200.3364 APPROX POSITION XYZ

 1     1                                                WAVELENGTH FACT L1/2
 8    C1    L1    D1    S1    C2    L2    D2    S2      # / TYPES OF OBSERV 
30.000                                                  INTERVAL            

2021 1 27 19 26 29.9950000 GPS TIME OF FIRST OBS
2021 1 28 5 0 29.9870000 GPS TIME OF LAST OBS

This file gets rejected by the NGS OPUS processor for not having the proper 30 second interval due to the 8 milliseconds spread over the data collection period.

I have read through all the suggestions about how to setup RTKlib and the M2. Is there a method or a ublox config that has to be changed to get the times to be closer to the integer intervals required by OPUS?


Hi Jim,

Which update rate did you set up during the data collection?

If you share the file with us, we can provide you with more specific info on why it could occur. You can post it here or send it to us via support@emlid.com

I used 1 Hz and turned of everything but GPS. To get the 30 sec RINEX file I used RTKlib and changed the time offset from the default to a larger value based on a post I found in the forum.

Link to raw file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uktg7JsYpMHqiLeqzVGdPus-rSCRmJtc/view?usp=sharing


Thanks for the file! We’ll check it and get back with the news.

Hi Jim,

Please try uploading the file as you recorded it with a 1 Hz update rate.

We’re currently in touch with OPUS support in regard to why there could be issues with the 30s parsed files. We’ll post an update once there’s news.

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