Rinex file converted from UBX rejected by YellowScan CloudStation

I logged data in UBX format and converted the file to Rinex using Emlid Studio. YellowScan CloudStation is rejecting the converted Rinex file so I am unable to process my lidar data.

This has never happened when I logged data in Rinex format originally.
Therefore I believe there is something wrong in the conversion process.

Any ideas or suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Thank You…


You could try to use RTOOLS. It can:

  1. Try to fix / optimize RINEX file
  2. Or ( what probably may be more effective in your case) convert UBLOX UBX to RINEX which should be accepted by 3rd party services
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@sat, I will check RTOOLS out later today. Do you know if it is free or do I have to pay to use it? Thanks!

@sat, I gave RTOOLS a try and it worked. The Rinex file it output from my UBX file was accepted by YellowScan CloudStation. Thank You!!! (Now I would like to find out why the conversion from Emlid Studio didn’t work in YS CloudStation.)

Hi Eric,

We have this guide about recording the logs with Reach for further processing in CloudStation. Can you please check if trimming the logs as described in the guide helps?

If not, please send me your recorded data, and I’ll check it.