Rinex conversion


Is there a guide getting rinex from rs2 and using it in third party software? Currently unable to use rinex from rs2 but from other rover is possible(topcon)


Hi Siim,

Please update ReachView to the latest version (v2.16.26), we’ve fixed RINEX logging on board of RS2 in this release.

In case it’s still incompatible with your software, you can use this guide to convert UBX to RINEX:

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Hello Dimitry, thank you for fast reply,

Currently still having probleb getting PPK fix for our drone: No solution found

I have reachview to latest version:

Simple system report
app version: 2.20.6-rs2-rc0-r0
'wifi_status, interface: wlan0':
- wifi_mode: infrastructure
- ip:
  is_added: true
  is_connected: true
  is_visible: false
  mac_address: 6C:21:A2:93:14:D0
  security: wpa-psk
  ssid: HUAWEI-B525-1F5A
  uuid: 2a05255a-a9ab-45c9-ab34-37ae207a4949
base mode:
  base coordinates:
    accumulation: '2'
    antenna offset:
      east: '0'
      north: '0'
      up: '0'
    - '0'
    - '0'
    - '0'
    format: llh
    mode: single-and-hold
    enabled: false
    format: rtcm3
    path: tcpsvr://:9000#rtcm3
    type: tcpsvr
  rtcm3 messages:
      enabled: true
      frequency: '0.1'
      enabled: true
      frequency: '1'
      enabled: true
      frequency: '1'
      enabled: false
      frequency: '1'
      enabled: false
      frequency: '1'
  discoverable: false
  enabled: false
  pin: '***'
correction input:
    enabled: false
    format: rtcm3
    path: sirius1:***@000000080/Win1
    send position to base: single
    type: ntripcli
    enabled: false
    format: rtcm3
    path: :9028
    type: tcpsvr
    format: RTCM3
    started: false
    version: null
    format: RTCM3
    started: true
    version: null
  interval: 24
  overwrite: true
    format: RINEX
    started: false
    version: '2.10'
    format: LLH
    started: false
    version: null
  air rate: 2.6000000000000001
  frequency: 868000
  output power: 20
position output:
    enabled: false
    format: nmea
    path: bluetooth
    type: bluetooth
    enabled: false
    format: llh
    path: :9001
    type: tcpsvr
    enabled: true
    format: llh
    path: :2014
    type: tcpsvr
    enabled: true
    format: llh_ext
    path: :2015
    type: tcpsvr
rtk settings:
  elevation mask angle: '13'
  glonass ar mode: 'off'
  gps ar mode: fix-and-hold
  max horizontal acceleration: '1'
  max vertical acceleration: '1'
  positioning mode: kinematic
  positioning systems:
    compass: false
    galileo: false
    glonass: true
    gps: true
    qzss: false
  snr mask: '32'
  update rate: '1'

You can upload logs from base and rover you are trying to process here or on the cloud storage so we can check them. I believe something small should be missing

Here is the logs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Iuikr4JVV1SMwvrH-jCyOUia2TmGK9XA?usp=sharing

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Your data processes (converts) just fine in RTKlib.
What 3rd party software are you trying to use, and what is the error?

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Error : No solution found
We are using wingtra drone with sptentrio ppk module

I think you missed this part of the wizprod’s question:

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Not much information available on it, it seems, and the things I can find are in Spanish, which isn’t my strong side, to put it mildly :smiley:
I think you will need to contact the makers of Wingtrahub instead, and provide them with the data.


Here is the software guide https://knowledge.wingtra.com/install-wingtrahub-ppk-processing-toolchain

PPK Module: https://knowledge.wingtra.com/wingtraone-ppk

Thanks for link, however, the software doesn’t seem to work without this step, which I cannot do:

Step 4: Insert one-time license activation USB stick and PPK license dongle

Can you process your RS2 data in Wingtra if you make it L1 only ? Maybe it doesn’t like the L2c signal that the RS2 is receiving.

I get error message: No solution found

Yep, but that can be a lot of different things, sadly… That error is very generic.

Two rinex files: one working (topcon) and one does not (emlid):


Did you try my suggestion above? I know it might not solve your issue, but it will give us an indication of where the issue is.


I’d recommend checking with Wingtra support on your issue. There’s not much we can do in this case because error message doesn’t explain much.

Yes, i did, still same error occurs

What does their Support say?