RICOH GRIII - 260g APS-C with hotshoe

I had a hard “landing” some days ago (the first in 1.750 ha) and lost my RX100M2. But who cares :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:, I guess it is time to switch to the new kid in town, the RICOH GRIII.

Seems to be the camera which I was dreaming of, light (I prefere to stay below 2.5 kg TOW), APS-C sized sensor, lense (leaf?) shutter and a hot shoe.

Has anyone experience with RICOH and mapping (e.g. how to release the shutter, does the sync with Reach work, is their an issue with image stabilization and does the AF work while mapping)?

It seems to be possible to release and power the camera via the usb connector.

Hi @tobias-dahms,

It’s a pity you lost your camera :pensive:

Seems this camera has a standard hot-shoe, so I don’t see any problems in integration with Reach.

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I have read that some cameras do not provide a sync signal when the shutter speed is above 1/250. I think that is the case for some very nice Samsung cameras.

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