RFD900 and serial output

Hi guys,

I would like to use the RFD900 modules for my correction signals from base to rover. These radios use serial (UART) communication. At the same time, I would like to stream the corrected output over serial to an arduino as well. Since there is only one serial connection on reach, there you have my problem.
What would be my options to achieve this? Adding an UART-USB converter to one of the radios?

Yes, that would be very straightforward.

Most devices I find are USB->UART, but those won’t do the job I guess? Would a usb shield on the arduino be an option?

They will work, look at those based on FT232 or CP2102 chips, we have tested them.

also for sending correction data from the radio (uart) to the rover (usb input)?

Yes, it will just work as an extra UART in your system.

I can’t seem to find one that goes from USB to UART, could you show me which one you used?

this one is based on CP2102;
i also succesfully used this one with an RFD868!

These are USB to UART, but I would need UART to USB?

they are bidirectional;