RFD 900 radios

Big shout out to Larry and Bide for help getting my radios hooked up to reach modules.

I would like to point out to the Emlid team that the doc’s for the RFD 900 radio’s shows a green wire connecting pin 5 - RX on reach to pin 9 - TX on the RFD 900 actually the wire should be the white wire this is on the cable supplied with the reach.

Also I notice that I have to start the rover reach before the base reach or I get nothing but a blue light with a flashing red mixed with it any one else notice this?

Last evening I was able to get float and then fix under a power line well over 1/2 mile away from my base reach very quickly.
So happy hopefully it does it again today


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I am running into several problems with the exact same setup you have working it sounds like. Could you please send me to where you found a solution or post some pictures and info of your solution.

Really glad to hear someone has found a solution to the same type of problems im running into.


Also, if possible Id like to see the settings you are running on the Reach View App. I feel like im going in circles. Thanks ahead of time for any help.


Hello Ian

You may need to give a little more info on whats happening.
This is bides topic he was very helpful as well.

I dont think I changed anything in reachview other than using the serial with uart but will check


First off thanks for the quick reply. Ill look through the link you posted and try to follow along. We are pretty new to the setup so just fighting to get it up and running has been the biggest struggle. I have also written bide in hopes of a little more info. If I run into any more questions ill post on here. Your results listed above seem to be pretty good and the range is fantastic.