RF data link settings

Hi everyone,
just few words to introduce my topic.
I build up an rtk GPS system by myself based on UBLOX M8T chip.
The system is working so good with rtklib library, I get a stable fix when both receiver base and rover are connected via USB to my laptop. Now I should install a LoRa tadio in order to let the rover and laptop with rtklib work far away from the base.
So I purchased a LoRa module from csgshop and I’m fighting since days for Lora connection to my laptop.
The system layout:

Base: 1 UBLOX M8T receiver w/ a cheap UBLOX antenna + radio transmitter:
Rover (on my tractor): 1 UBLOX M8T receiver w/ a cheap UBLOX antenna + radio receiver (for Base correction)

I connected the radio to my laptop, installed the driver, It’s recognized as:
Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM7)
I atart mission planner in order to configure the link but I cannoct connect to the radio.
I set port and baud rate, when I try to connect, a timeout message pupup after 25 seconds.

can somebody help me in a step by step way?
many thanks in advance.

Hmm. That is great that you are piecing an RTK system together yourself, but your questions are not appropriate here. You should be asking for support from your hardware vendor or on their forum. If you do obtain some of the Emlid products and need help integrating them, then this is definitely the place to ask for help. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!