Revision D Navio 2 not starting

Hardware setup = RPI 3. Navio 2 revC and Navio 2 revD

On the same image and the same Raspberry pi 3 My Navio 2 RevC does not want to start when running Copter.

If I swap out the Rev D for the RevC the revision C startsup with no porblem

What are the differences between the Navio 2 Revision C and D boards?

Hi Barry,

May I ask you to describe what exactly goes wrong with your Navio2?

Please also post:

  1. The screenshot of running emlidtool
  2. The output of sudo systemctl status arducopter
  3. The output of sudo journalctl -u arducopter


Could you please also share the output of sudo emlidtool test?

Hello Tatiana.

I had to update the RCIO firmware. Seems to be working now.

However I am still interested what the difference is between Revision C and D of the Navio 2

Hi Barry,

Great to hear you’ve figured it out!

The only difference between Navio2 C and D revisions is the logo.

Why ? Bother calling it revision D ? If no hardware was revised???


The new PCB is different from the previous one by having a different logo that’s why it’s the next revision.

LOL ok that is weird but i guess if it works it works. I do see that there is a different number on the gps chip

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