Retrospective RTK correction of geotagged image locations

Just venturing into the wonderful world of RTK and looking for advice…it’s probably a rather basic question for people with experience, but I’ll ask as a newbie…

This is what I am trying to achieve:

  1. Download a set of geotagged images which have the standard camera GPS accuracy (i.e. quite poor) and a timestamp from the camera
  2. Use RTK suitable equipment to determine the ‘real’ GPS locations at the times of the images, based on the RTK system being at a known datum point location
  3. Rewrite the corrected GPS locations to the images so that their positions can be plotted accurately

For my purposes, the current 5-10m error between image geotag and actual location is an issue, but I would only need to achieve an improvement to +/- 50cm to get to the performance I need. I also only really need X/Y absolute pos. accuracy - I’m not too worried about elevation…


  1. What EMLID equipment would I need?
  2. Any advice on the correction workflow - is there a tool where this can be done easily, or does it need to be semi-manual, with several steps

All suggestions welcome!

My first question is how will you be able to place an RTK GNSS unit in the exact point that the camera was?

Minimum one Reach or Reach RS. Preferably two. If one, then you need to get correction data from a third party which could be free or it may cost you.

I’ll pass questions 2 and 3 to someone else because I am not familiar.

Dear bide

Thanks for the fast answer - I actually realised that I should investigate the correction data aspect first.



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