Retrieving the base coordinates

I used “Average single” mode on the base and carried out a survey. I forgot to note down the reading that was used by the base during the survey. Is there a way I can get it from somewhere?

Do you have log from this survey?

Yup. I have the base and rover logs.

Good. When processing, use rinex position for base. This should reveal your base coordinates. See pic.


Thanks so much for the quick reply! I’ll try it in sometime and let you!

I processed and opened the .pos file. ref pos is the base co-ordinate right?

I am new to this, can I know what did you use to plot the diagram shown in the screenshot?

UPDATE: I just downloaded RTKPLOT, I am able to plot the values now!

I did another run today. This time I took a screenshot of the base coordinates. The LLH in the screenshot (single average for 2 mins) is different from the one in the post-processed .pos file. For rover values, I just downloaded the GeoJSON from the survey tab. How do I use the data? What values should I consider? My aim is to first get good relative accuracy between base and rovers. Please help.

Please check the screenshots

I am actually not sure averaged base coordinates is used. I know manually entered coordinate is.
A test would show, or someone els might elaborate this.

Did a test now with 2.9.2, average and manual entered coordinates apper in the post processed file as you showed. So it works fine here.I guess either something went wrong or a incorrect configuration was made at your end.

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Oh strange! I will try this again tomorrow and recheck! Thanks trying this and letting me know!

@TB_RTK I just checked this again. I am getting the same problem. This time I used manual mode and set the coordinates on the base. When I process, the ref pos is different! :frowning:

I don’t know what I am doing wrong.


Could you be experiencing this.

Edit: You shouldnt be getting the same error with manual input but the above link provide some in depth about how coordinates are used from reachview, raw and rinex. I would advice you to read it anyway.

@TB_RTK Thanks for sharing, will try deleting the .ini file.

Also, is it possible to extract what base LLH is being broadcasted from the Rover’s RTCM file? Just to cross check.

Also read rest of the link, there is more info further down.
You should be able to read base data as explained above. But i am not sure what is going on with you getting different base position. Could you please post more details about setting, reachview and rtklib versions and if your using other gear then Reach/reachRS?

Read through the whole thread. I think there is a difference between rinex ref pos and what the app shows. I will share the settings shortly.

Meanwhile, let me push is issue into that thread as well.

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