Retrieve data from Rover over radio or long range wifi

I have a single Emlid Reach unit. I use it to log raw GPS data. I have installed it on a buoy and used it to measure tidal levels. It works really well once the raw data is post processed with data from a local geodetic GPS (L1+L2).

I would like to get hold of the data from the Emlid Reach while its logging. The mooring is very close to the beach so the distance is not too great.

I am a bit stuck since all the forum and manual topics seem to be about getting data from base to rover.

Any suggestions on how I might get this data back without getting my feet wet?

It Reach’s Wi-Fi hotspot is on and you can connect to it, then that’s all you need. Just go to the logs tab and download what you want.

If you don’t want to stop the logging in progress to download the latest log files, then you could initiate a copy over an ssh connection. Logs are in the /root/logs folder.

You could also get an external Wi-Fi adapter with a directional antenna for better signal. Alfa Network makes some powerful USB/Wi-Fi adapters, and for maximum range, you could try a Yagi antenna (probably mounted on a stand). But if you really are that close, maybe you don’t need such things.

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