Residual in post processing / Emlid Studio

Does the result of the static post processing in Emlid Studio show the residuals?

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What kind of residuals do you mean?


Baseline residuals between points, 5th block of data from top of sheet:

2_101954.jps.pdf (28.7 KB)

Does this residual exist in the RTKPOST report or in Emlid Studio?

No, for these kind of residuals you need multiple baselines, either in form of multiple bases, or multiple observations on each point.

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Hi there,

It sounds similar to the network adjustment feature. It’s a cool feature, but it takes a lot of time to implement it. So, currently it’s not on our roadmap, but your request is noted, as always.

I know that some 3rd-party software support the network adjustment, and RINEX from Reach should work fine. In case it doesn’t, you will probably need to do time adjustment. For this, you can use Emlid Studio while converting your UBX to RINEX.

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