Requesting Info About LED on Navio2

Hi everyone,

My senior project is almost due and I really need a professional help!
Could you please tell me how can I add led to navio2 pins !

you can find in the link the codes we added so far but we need a help with the LED part
we using C++

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Thank you

Hello, @nemir!
I can’t open your link :frowning:
Perhaps Navio2 examples can help you. You can find example with LED in this repository. :slight_smile:
Hope it helps!


Hey, I tried to use the codes in the example yet i still get fail ! I tried python and it worked but I need it in C++

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Thank you and could you try this link i think it works now

@nemir, What was your problem with C++ example?
Do you want to change LED’s status, when ‘ROS_ERROR’ or something else happened?
Please, tell me more about your problem :wink:

briefly, I want to ADD LED to our Navio2 and the code i found ( from LED EXAMPLE ) , it didn’t work but in Paython worked and the Navio2 started to change colors and stuff ! but I need it to be in C++ not Payhton !

Thank you

Actually if you have anything about LED status when ROS ERROR that will work too !

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