Request for RS2 antenna calibration file

Hi guys!
I am currently processing my RINEX data from the RS2 using Leica Infinity. Could you kindly provide me with the RS2 antenna calibration file? This will allow me to import it directly into the Antenna/Calibration set in Leica Infinity. I would greatly appreciate your attention to this request.

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Hi Eric,

Here you go. (12.5 KB)


Hi Kirill, I need the RS2+ file too, can you help me with that?


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Hi Danilo,

Sure, there it is. (12.6 KB)

Just in case, they are published in the NGS Antenna calibrations database.


Hi Eric

you can search too in the the IGS site, there is the Antex


find in the line 69369 to RS2+.
This file are referent at ITRF2020, but there is another Antex for ITRF14 too


OK. Thanks

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