Reports of some errors in firmware 2.22.5

Below are some errors found in the latest firmware version 2.22.5 for RS2
1- After manually deleting files during logging, the files reappear. This in ALL receivers.

2- After collecting several points in a work in Surveying, the moment the receiver is turned off or restarted, the points of the works disappear. This error has occurred in 2 receivers so far. It is unacceptable for this to happen.

3- Not Booting.
When the Emlid RS2 is switched on, the startup LEDs do not stop, they remain on for a long time, they do not stop.
After restarting several times, the receiver releases access to the Emlid RS2.
In this case the error will occur again when turning off the receiver, when turning on again it will not stop the initialization of the leds, forcing it to switch off and on a few times.

It seems to me that firmwares are not tested before they are released.
With each update a new surprise, new errors appear.

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Hi @suporte,

Thanks for the report! We test all of our firmware updates prior to the release. Unfortunately, some issues might appear after the release on some configurations. However, we’re always open to the reports and willing to improve.

Let me comment on each issue you reported.

We’re trying to reproduce the issue.

May I ask you to elaborate on the issue? Have you experienced the issue on Reach RS2 only? Do I understand correctly that after the restart some points disappear from the project? Does the project exist after the restart?

Could you please specify if this happened only after the update to the v2.22.5? Have you previously experienced such issues on this Reach RS2?

I had a similar feeling earlier (that I was not able to delete logged files).
By reading this post, I tried again. All ‘old’ logging was still on my devices, but now I can delete them all except for the last file (the last file always remains).

Even I can delete files now, It still is kind of a strange behavior:

  1. I press the trash button after a file
  2. the trash-button becomes an ‘undo-kind-of- arrow’
  3. I click on the logging menu (although I am already in the logging tab)
  4. Now the ‘deleted’ files are completely gone from the screen

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the report!

We’re currently looking into solving the issue with the logs not being deleted.

The problem of missing survey points happened with 3 RS2 receivers from different customers.
The names of the works existed, but when trying to open they did not contain more points and another case the work does not open.

The errors of losing the points happen with firmware 2.22.5 in the 3 RS2 receivers.
It would be very interesting that for each work created RS2 would generate a mirror of the work, as a Backup.

Hey guys,

Let me give you an update on it.

We were able to repeat the issue of deleting the last log. We’re working on fixing this.

However, we couldn’t reproduce any other issues.

@suporte, would it be possible to provide any additional information so that we could understand what happened with the points? Would you mind sharing if you tried to retrieve the projects via both app and the web version?

Hello everyone,

We’ve released a fix for the deleting of the logs on the latest dev update v2.23.9. This fix would also be pushed to the next stable version, I’ll reach out once it’s released.

Regarding the missing points in the projects, we were not able to reproduce the issue. If you ever experience it, please, reach out to us in the separate thread on the forum or via Please provide a detailed description of the issue and Full System Report from the Reach receiver.

Thank you!

v 2.22.7 on RS2 - I am also having the issue of not being able to get the log files to erase. I’ve tried erasing them several times but they are always there, even after I reboot the receiver. This is the case on multiple receivers.


Welcome to the community forum!

On the stable v2.22.7 version, you can erase the logs one by one. Unfortunately, the last one will stay. However, this has been fixed with the latest dev release v2.23.9 and will be pushed to the next stable as well.

Please note that dev versions mainly serve as early access to the new features. It’s not intended for the real-field use. I’ll reach out once the fix is out with the stable version.

So is it advisable to use 2.22.5 instead of 2.22.7?


It’s always better to be on the latest stable firmware update as it contains the latest fixes. Currently, it’s v2.22.7.

Issue with the logs not being deleted is solved in the latest dev update v2.23.9. As I’ve mentioned, it’ll be pushed to the next stable release as well.

I downloaded the 2.22.7 zip file but it contains no .img file. What file am I supposed to load in the firmware tool?


Please use this link to the RS2’s image. It’s the same image that is added to our docs. There should be no issues with it.

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to tell you that we’ve released a v2.24.0 update. It should fix the issue with the logs not being deleted completely from the device. Also, we’ve introduced various fixes and improvements to enhance your experience with our devices.

It’d be great if you could update your receivers and check how the new version works for you. In case of any questions and reports, feel free to create a new thread or reach us at

Thank you!