Replacing Emlid Battery RS

I am from Indonesia
beg for a solution: I have a problem, my Emlid RS battery has dropped … please ask where can I buy? …

or is there a replacement battery with any type? please provide Emlid RS battery specifications … thanks

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Hi @echoxs,

Would you mind providing more details about the issue? Do I understand correctly that the unit doesn’t turn on anymore?

My Emlid Battery has been dropped
I have not saved the power, I want to replace the battery … because for the time being I have to use a power bank

I want to know where to buy the battery

(trying to write simply for easy translation)

Reach RS battery specification is written under bottom of RS.

Reach RS battery should be OK for more than 1000 uses. Maybe 6000 uses or even more.

New battery should not be required.

Can you power ON your Emlid Reach RS alone - with no power bank? (YES / NO)

Please post a video if possible. Show LED panel and try to power ON.

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my team was in the field, reporting the emlid suddenly died itself (resulting in survey error data could not be exported, the team was forced to take the data back) …
after trying to turn on: state off charge = 0.00%

They try to charge, in a short time state off charge = 100%
Then they use the battery directly again empty again

and this is RS? not RS+. not RS2.

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Emlid RS

Emlid RS+ (Base)
Emlid RS (Rover)

Has the team tried to charge overnight 8-12 hours with a “good” charger (or leave a large power bank connected)?

There are ways to deceive the state of charge indicator. It is best to look at voltage level if ‘state of charge’ is not accurate.


this video submission from the team in the field:

And what is the history of this RS unit?

Has it been used every day? Or has it been sitting unused for a long time?

emlid is not used every day, sometimes
longest not used a month

OK, if not used every day, then I would invest time in charging the unit fully.

Do not rely on ‘state of charge’ right now. Rely on length of time for charging and rely on the voltage level. If you want to use for 8 hours, then charge for 8 hours BEFORE use.

My feeling is that the battery will get fully charged and work all day. Then after a few charge/discharge cycles like this, the ‘state of charge’ indicator will be normal again.

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thanks for the information

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Good luck to your team! and please report back with their result.

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:ok_hand: :pray:
my team position…

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