Remote into Base

So I have my base setup to use via NTRIP. Is there a specific port the base operates on besides 80? Id like to set up port forwarding to access the base units interface while away from the office.

Common port is 2101. You can use others too, make sure it doesnt come in conflict with other trafic.

ReachView is accessible on port 80 and NTRIP on 2101, both for client and server connections.

No other ports are needed to the best of my knowledge.

That’s my issue, odd like to access it while away from the local network. The web GUI is on 80, is there another port I can set so that I can easily port forward and access remotely?

You should be to choose any port you like on the outside of the firewall/NAT, that will then translate to port 80 on that specific MAC/IP on the inside of your LAN.

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I’m using a Verizon FiOS router. All I see is port forwarding. Should I be looking for something else?

This is really a networking question. Specifics around how to do the port forwarding and translation on your particularity router, are difficult to answer unless some has the same router.

Typically though once you enable forwarding, you should be presented with further dialogs and setup screens to configure what outside ports and what traffic types and the target machine address and the internal ports for forwarding. The target machine, Emlid receiver in this case, would need to have an unchanging static IP address on the local network.

Have you searched the internet for port forwarding (or a setup guide) for your router?

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