Remote control

Hi, I have a Navio 2 on top of the raspberry pi4, I have configured the navio2 with the configuratio info inside:, so i able to vi ssh, and i saw arducopter config runnning. I have connected my radio controller receiver (FS-I6X) with Navio2 via PPM, I have paired the radio controller receiver with the radio remote control, and i see the led red for pair worked. I’m able to connect to the Mission Planet to the navio2/raspberry and test the motors and it works.
But if i try to use only the remote control without Mission Planet, the motor don’t works, do you know why?

Hi Fabio,

Do you mean it’s not possible to arm the copter via remote control?

Did you also go through the Configuration guide? Are both ESCs and RC calibrated?

Hi, What i mean is: is it possible arm automatically the quadcopter when i plug the battery, and use the remote control for fly?

Hi Fabio,

Usually, you need to hold the remote control throttle stick down and right for 5 seconds to arm the quadcopter. So, it doesn’t happen automatically. It’s described in more detail in Ardupilot docs.

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