Relocating the ANT103 Reach Antenna

Apologies if this has been asked/answered before - I had a look and couldn’t find it anywhere.

I currently have an ANT103 antenna attached to a groundplane using the sticker that forms it’s base. This is the small, black, almost square antenna that attaches (in my case) to the Reach unit. I want to relocate the antenna to a new groundplane. Do I need to do anything special in the removal or reattachment process? Can I just replace the sticker with another piece of thin double-sided tape or do I need to use some conductive paste/glue, like the kind used when attaching a heatsink to processor?

I have been able to remove an antenna by heating the ground plane to soften the glue.

I have also ripped the foam tape when removing one of the antennas.

In any case, you may replace the original double-sided foam tape and reattach the antenna.

No electrical bonding is required. All you need is for the ground plane to act as a RF reflector.

Thanks bide. Just the answer I was chasing. I have some good tape that I will use.

Also thanks to TB_RTK. I will give it a try

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