Relevance of satellite systems

Quick question:
If CORS data is being used to PPK kinematic solutions for a rover, and the CORS station is only recording GPS and GLONASS, should the options for “satellite systems” in RTKPOST (and RTKCONV for that matter) just be limited to GPS and GLO???
That would leave GAL QZS SBS BDS and IRN being ignored??

As i understand, you only use the system you have valid data to apply. Like GPS and GLONASS in your case.
So i think yes to both of your question. I havent got better result with other system used, so i think there is some logic to it.

I agree. There is no advantage in enabling any extra satellite systems which are not supported by your base station.

But, if there is a chance that you will want to reprocess the data in the future with historical data from a different base station that may support more satellite systems, then you should be recording all available satellite systems. I’m not sure if there are any negative side effects of doing this. All I could think of is the possibilty that it might take longer to achieve fix.

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Sounds like we are all of the same view point. Would be nice for the one of the pros to confirm though so we can mark as solved.


Ok, just ran some test and switching in satellites, one by one, made no difference whatsoever.

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