Relevance of Antfile, Posfile, dcbfile parameters?

Yesterday I measured with Reach. In parallel I calculated the solution on my laptop using RTKNAVI 2.4.3 demo4 b18 executables from rtklibexplorer blog. I just forwarded the signals from the base and the rover via tcpsvr to RTKNAVI.
I could see, that the RTK solution differed about 1.5 meters. Also the solution in RTKNAVI was a lot more stable:

When i removed the following parameter-files the situation changed:
file-satantfile =…/…/…/data/igs05.atx
file-rcvantfile =…/…/…/data/igs05.atx
file-staposfile =…/…/…/data/station.pos
file-dcbfile =…/…/…/data/P1C1_ALL.DCB

I just did not set these values (like in RTKNAVI).
The results just differed 1-2 centimeters and the fix in reach was a lot faster and more stable:

So my questions are:

  • From where is this huge difference coming?
  • Are these parameter files really needed? In the RTKLIB documentation I just found, that they are needed for PPP

Hi, How do you remove these files from reach?

You just have to clear the setting(s) in the advanced configuration. You don’t have to delete the files.


I think that this is a coincidence. These files only have effect when making PPP, and the settings are RTKLIB default for rtkrcv.

I have tested postprocessing the files with and without the files specified and there was no difference.

Are you able to reproduce this behaviour?

I could not reproduce this strange behaviour in my last tests.