Relay switch on Rover


In the documentation:
is mentioned that the relay function is only available on ArduCopter? For my new project I will need a relay switch on a Rover. What would you recommend doing? Installing ArduRover and look for a workaround or just instal Arducopter and chang all the parameters to work on the rover?
the Rover needs 4 PWM outputs: 1 for the main motor, 1 for steering, 2 for a robot arm.
1 Digital output to control a relay.
Any sugjestions?

Hi @kilianderoovere,

Sorry for the delayed response!

1 Digital output to control a relay

You could operate PWM pin as GPIO. This guide might help you to set it.

Please keep us posted about your results.

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Hi, thanks for the link, will the GPIO pin be controllable over missionplanner or only from the raspberry pi terminal in this case?