Reinstall ReachView version 2.10.0 after upgrading to 2.11.0

I’m installing Ontrac3 autosteer on my tractor. It was not fully tested with ReachView version 2.10.0, but I think it worked with version 2.10.0. After upgrading to ReachView version 2.11.0 my autosteer report that the GPS-position is lost when the tractor is standing still (is parked) even if ReachView app is reporting i fix solution status. As soon the tractor start moveing the autosteer report that the GPS-position is ok.

I think it worked with ReachView version 2.10.0, but I’m not sure. Is it possible to reinstall version 2.10.0 after installing 2.11.0?


There’s no way to reinstall the previous version. However, this is unlikely that the firmware update caused the issue.

According to Emlid’s anouncment of version 2.11.0 it is “Tons of NMEA fixes!”.

I’m so sure that it’s the updating to version 2.11.0 which caused the issue that I’ll take the work swapping rover with base. The base still has version 2.10.0

I hoped it was a shortcut with downgrading to version 2.10.0, but it seems like I have to change all the settings on both the emlid-units.

NMEA support is somewhat tricky. Everybody has got their own ideas of what the messages should be like. We do what we can to make the protocol follow the official standard, but sometimes things like these happen due to different implementations.

We will try to contact the Ontrac3 manufacturer and see what’s going on. Meanwhile, if swapping the base and rover works for you, stick to this. If that doesn’t work for you, contact me via a PM and I will help you get around this problem.

Hello Knut_F
Can you tell me where you got the connector to go from Reach to Agleader cables?
Thanks Jim

Hello jmcarthur
I used this: Ultra Compact RS232 to TTL Converter with Male DB9 (3.3V to 5V)
It is necessary to solder the wires that comes with the emlid reach onto the Converter.

Thank you for your kindness. I suggest that you wait contacting the manufacturer until i have tried swapping the base and rover. Maybe I can find the exact problem. The first 2 days I’m a bit busy, I’ll contact you when I have a result.

Thank you for the information.
I am hoping to hook to an Agleader system as well. Very interested in how this works out for you.

Thanks Again

If someone wonder: I’ve swapped the base and the rover. Ontrac3 is now working, Ontrack3 accept NMEA messages from ReachView version 2.10.0, but not from from ReachView version 2.11.0

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Hello again,

I’ve just PM’ed you to get more information about your setup.

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