Reflashing rs2+ unit purely from terminal


It looks like one of my rs2+ units in the field requires a reflash, but I am unfortunately only able to access it remotely using a headless device (no gui).

Is there a way to use the reflash utility purely through terminal or cli? I’ve only used it one before, but that was through the gui

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Hi Stephen,

Currently, you can only reflash using GUI (Windows, Ubuntu, or macOS). Can you tell me why you think you need to reflash the RS2+? Maybe the issue can be resolved without it.

Hi Olesia,

Every time we start the GPS, it has not been able to fully boot. The LEDs go into a strobing pattern (as we expect when we first turn it on), but it never stops. We were unable to connect to the units hotspot or use any correction data coming from it. We had a similar issue with another one of our units and were able to resolve it by reflashing it.


I see. Yes, such cases are typically solved by reflashing or bringing the unit under the open sky. Flash Tool is available only on devices with GUIs at the moment.