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(I hope to explain myself well because I am using the google translator).

We are many novice users who learned how to use reach Rs antennas with YouTube videos (special mention for @Tb_Rtk).
The documents in emlid docs are good but they will never get over a video.
For this same reason I ask the emlid team to make an effort and make more tutorial videos. I try to visit the forum every day to be aware of everything and what I have noticed is that many users have the need to reflash their antennas.
I do not understand why the emlid team has not made it a priority to make a video with the instructions to do reflash. I will comment again we are many newbies that we do not have the knowledge, in my case it is like that.

For example at this time I noticed that one of my antennas stops working its hotspot, I have to press the power button for 15 seconds to turn it off and on again, something very annoying and embarrassing when you are working.

I have not wanted to try to reflash my antenna because I have read all the problems that users have to do it. And I, with my inexperience do not feel safe doing it correctly.

I hope you take my comment into account.

Hi and thanks for your feedback.
Regarding your problem, have you troubleshoot to see if the problem lays elsewhere?

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Would be useful to hear more about your issue with hotspot. Not sure if you need reflashing.

Reflashing procedure is explained in detail on this page:

The manuals are step by step and provide all the important information for successful reflashing. In case you have issues with reflashing your unit, please let us know!


Thanks for your attention. Dmitriy, @TB_RTK

The problem in specific is with a reach antenna rs that I have enabled how to rover.
When I turn on my two antennas inside my house, I can only connect to my base antenna, with my Rover antenna I can not go to reachview even if its ip appears in the app and in fing, I also try with the google browser but I do not succeed . Just check the status of the LEDs and there are no errors, the orange and green leds remain permanently lit, the blue LED flashes.
Pressing the power button of my rover antenna for 3 seconds does not turn off, I have to press it for 15 seconds as it says in emlid docs so that it can turn off. I wait a moment and turn it back on and I can work with it normally.
This situation has happened to me several times.

It’s the same problem when I work outside and use the hot spot of my antenna. When I turn it on I have no problems, it is after about an hour when it starts to fail. The reachview app freezes, verified that I have my cell phone connected to its hot spot and it is like that, but I can not do anything. I try with android and ios cell phones and I have no answer.
I am forced to turn off my antenna but I can not press 3 seconds once again I have to press for 15 seconds. I wait a while and turn it on, go back to work normally. Already verify the status of the LEDs and there is no error, all three are on and do not blink.

That is the problem that my antenna presents.

I have not tried the reflash because I have no experience and I use the google translator and it does not leave me very satisfied, sometimes it changes the words and I am not sure of the steps to follow.

For that reason I requested a video with all the steps and situations in case of;?.
In Mexico it is said “an image is better than a thousand words”.

Best regards.

The re flash instructions need to be updated.
The file is called “Reach Firmware Flash Tool” now not “reachplus_flasher.exe”.
Also when selecting the “img” file for some reason I had to select “all files” to see it.
And it also did not say ‘Firmware Update complete’. It just restarted when it flashed.

Keep in mind that reflashing is different for Plus and NON Plus versions.

Hi Daniel,

We will update the reflashing guide in the nearest time.


Hi Daniel,

We’ve fixed the guide in response to your report.

Thank you!

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