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Good morning everyone.

I would have this doubt, I work in Italy in NRTK mode of Leica permanent stations. This network has EPSG 6706 RDN2008 as a reference system. When I access Reachview 3 I set the 6706 as the reference system, which is the same as the support network. Do you think this is correct? Doing checks with the total station, I get 10 cm errors that I don’t expect. If I detect the same point more often the coordinators are always the same and therefore I doubt that I am making a mistake in choosing the reference system. Thank you very much,


Hi Francesco,

In ReachView 3 6.1, the base or NTRIP for RDN2008 should be in RDN2008 as well. So, such a setup should work fine. You can check if you have the latest version of the app in the ReachView 3 Profile tab and update it if needed.

If you still have a 10 cm shift after the update, please provide the following details on the issue:

  • Do I understand correctly that all the points were collected in Fix?

  • How long is the distance to a remote base station?

  • Does the service transmit ellipsoidal heights in RDN2008?


I thank you for the answer.

I’ll explain how I configured if you can confirm that it’s okay. In the Ntrip configuration I enter the Username and Password of the Leica service, and set the mountpoint Vrs or max or imax. When the rover is in fix mode I detect points, using reachview 3 6.1. When I create the new survey file I select the RDN2008 6706 reference system because Leica claims to use its permanent stations in this reference system. Is the procedure fair? I make sure the Leica gives the ellipsoid heights but I believe so.

Thanks again,


Is there a website for the Leica service that provides the data ? Usually this is published by the RTN provider to not cause confusion about the data provided. If you have a subscription plan, there is usually a contact number or email to verify the datum (both horizontal and vertical).

Hi Francesco,

Yes, if the NTRIP service transmits RDN2008 LLH, such a workflow should allow you to get precise coordinates. The mount point you connect to should provide at least RTCM3 messages with GPS observations and ARP station coordinate. Please note that the distance to the remote base shouldn’t exceed 10 km for Reach RS+ and 60 km for Reach RS2 in RTK.

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