Reference system

Good morning everyone.

I would have this doubt, I work in Italy in NRTK mode of Leica permanent stations. This network has EPSG 6706 RDN2008 as a reference system. When I access Reachview 3 I set the 6706 as the reference system, which is the same as the support network. Do you think this is correct? Doing checks with the total station, I get 10 cm errors that I don’t expect. If I detect the same point more often the coordinators are always the same and therefore I doubt that I am making a mistake in choosing the reference system. Thank you very much,


Hi Francesco,

In ReachView 3 6.1, the base or NTRIP for RDN2008 should be in RDN2008 as well. So, such a setup should work fine. You can check if you have the latest version of the app in the ReachView 3 Profile tab and update it if needed.

If you still have a 10 cm shift after the update, please provide the following details on the issue:

  • Do I understand correctly that all the points were collected in Fix?

  • How long is the distance to a remote base station?

  • Does the service transmit ellipsoidal heights in RDN2008?


I thank you for the answer.

I’ll explain how I configured if you can confirm that it’s okay. In the Ntrip configuration I enter the Username and Password of the Leica service, and set the mountpoint Vrs or max or imax. When the rover is in fix mode I detect points, using reachview 3 6.1. When I create the new survey file I select the RDN2008 6706 reference system because Leica claims to use its permanent stations in this reference system. Is the procedure fair? I make sure the Leica gives the ellipsoid heights but I believe so.

Thanks again,


Is there a website for the Leica service that provides the data ? Usually this is published by the RTN provider to not cause confusion about the data provided. If you have a subscription plan, there is usually a contact number or email to verify the datum (both horizontal and vertical).