Reference position in _events.pos file

Should the “ref pos” in the _events.pos file match the position you enter in RTKPOST > Options > Positions > Base Station field? I get the same value whether I select “RINEX Header Position” or “Lat/Lon/Height”.

Two Reach M+
Base set on known point.

Try deleting .ini file for RTKpost and see if that helps

Hi TB,

Thanks for the reply. I renamed rtkpost.ini and re-processed. I still get the same results. I’m not sure where it’s getting the position it’s using for the ref pos field. It’s nearby the corrected LLH position.


.ubx or rinex from reach you used?

They’re .ubx converted to RINEX 3.03 on a PC using RTKCONV.
I thought there might be a file lock issue since the positions are identical on both files whether I use RINEX Header or my own LLH. But I processed using RINEX Header, renamed the .pos file, then re-processed using LLH. Still have identical files.

Gave it a shot with a .ubx and converted it, then filled in base position manually and the output was correct.

Could you share files and see if i get the same with yours?

Hi TB,

Thank you for processing. Maybe a configuration issue on my PC?? Here are the UBX files.

Rover: (1.7 MB)

Base: (1.6 MB)

No problem here. Not sure what causes hickups on yours. Try deleting all version of RTKlib and download/install new latest. Also what OS are you runing?
Could it be a file issue. A mixup or a overwriting issue when creating a new event_pos. file?

Hi @Brian_Christal,

I also have no problem with processing your logs.
Please, try to reinstall RTKLIB and save logs in another folder as @TB_RTK mentioned.

Let me know if you’ll still have issue after that.


Hi Andrew and TB,

Sorry for the slow reply. I have processed the logs on a different desktop PC and they process ok. There is a configuration issue on my lap top. I will try and fix it and reply back.


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