I am looking to use 2 x NAVIO2 in order to create redundancy.
Most probably, redundancy will becomes a requirement for approved drones very shortly.
The concept is to use an extra micro-controller to monitor the NAVIO; in case of failure, the second NAVIO would be activated.

Any other idea is welcome.

We sell the AP-Manager which makes redundancy simple but we have not tested it on the navio yet but works great with pixhawk.

Very good Andrew! let me time to study it and I will be back to you.

Hello Andrew,

I have checked the website and I could find very little information.

Actually, it is not described how it works, what parameters are monitored, what is switching time, etc… and most important DO178 and DO160 qualifications.

We need more information to confirm this AP-Manager can be accepted for certification by CAA.


Hi Dominique my apologies for not responding sooner. The team in Austrial will forward or post the answer to your question. Unfortunately I did not get a notification that you had responded.

Back to you shortly