Reduce accelerometer noise after motors turn on

Hi guys, so I have been having a problem with the accelerometer that I hope you guys can help me. I have been in touch with Dmitry Ershov and he suggested me to post in here to explain my problem. I am doing a different tail sitter design, so because of that I cannot use ardupilot, so I am coding my drone by myself (in python). I used the quaternion code example on the emlid website and converted it from c++ to python, with at first good result. Everything works fine but when I turn on the motors and start to give it some “gas” the system goes crazy and the quaternions get a lot of noise. Upon some investigation I discovered that the culprit was the accelerometer ( I am using python, so it gottta be the MPU). Is there any way to fix that?? Is the lsm implemented in python already?? Any tips are welcome.

you could add a software filter for filtering out the noise and you can balance props and motors to a certain point…