Recording the geo reference data of each photo

Hello everybody,

I’m a beginner and I’ve built a copter with Emlid Edge and a Reach M + module.
I have the following question:
My camera is rigid with no gimbal, pointing down.
Does the Edge module or the Reach M + module draw in addition to the geo reference data of each photo, as well as the pitch and roll tilt angles in the log files?
Many thanks for your help!

Hi @rcdevil,

Since you sent a message with the same questions to Emlid support email, I answered you there.
In case you’ve any questions, feel free to ask in this thread.


Unfortunately, at the moment there’s no info about roll/tilt/pitch in time marks file.

IMU is on our to-do list, however, it is not yet implemented in ReachView. The good news is that the driver for the sensor is installed and you make use of it if you know Linux and programming.

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