Record LOG + Caster NTRIP and known point for BASE

Hi guys,
I’m very new with RS2, I use it for few months ago.
Until today, I used to use my RS2 in RTK as Rover connecting in NTRIP with a service provider I pay for. My workflow is to take GCPs for drone survey.

I would like to expand some functionnality:

  1. still taking GCPs with my current provider (RTK, RS2 in Rover using NTRIP )
  2. after what, I would like my to put my RS2 in BASE record log in order to do PPK later.
    I’ve a doubt about the “known point”. Can I take a point in Rover (RTK, using NTRIP) in order to get the exact position of my Rover, before setting it in BASE : then I will get the exact position of my BASE (the position of the last point taken in with Rover mode) Is it enough accurate ?
  3. at the same time I would like to create a NTRIP CASTER, in order to generate the correction RTK correction for my drone:
    Can I use the same known point that before for my base?
    Can I do both: recording log for PPK and generate NTRIP caster?

Last question: Can I save some setting profile in order to switch quickly in the field between ROVER/BASE for PPK / BASE for Caster ?

thanks in advance.

I would do the following:

  1. Arrive on site: setup the base with connection to your NTRIP, and start logging.
  2. In Base mode, do Average Fixed for 5-10 mins
  3. Enable Correction Output over LoRa
  4. Shoot your GCP’s with your Rover RS2 connected to your base vira LoRa.
  5. When done, you can enable the NTRIP correction output for your drone on the base, while still logging on the base for PPK.
  6. Take a few shots with the rover using the supplier NTRIP to verify you points are within tolerance.
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Hi wizprod and thanks for help.
I’m not sure to understand or maybe I was not clear in my topic, but I only have:

  • 1x RS2
  • 1 NTRIP subscription with provider

In my understanding, your workflow needs 2x RS2 : one for BASE and the other for RoveR (when taking Gcps)

Ah, missed that point!

Just use the Averaging in Base Mode, when you have a fixed solution. Easier to use!

Not really sure I understand the question here?

Yep, no problem.

To some extent, but not as a one-click solution. If my memory serves me right, settings in the different tabs will be persisted, even when disabled.

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thanks you so much !!
So, about the known point:
Instead of using a point previoulsy found by RS2 in Rover connected with NTRIP provider, I could use the feature: Averaging in Base mode, for both PPK and Caster NTRIP ?

But, I’ve heard before that in order to do accurate PPK (or RTK I guess) in drone, base reference has to be the same for both: GCPs and Base for PPK.

So in the case of I use Average in Base mode, the reference point will be different between PPK and RTK datas and Gcps ?

Any suggestion?

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That is correct. So depending on your baseline, you might be better off using your NTRIP for correcting your drone-positions.

However, if you have a long baseline for your NTRIP, you will get better relative precision with your own base (the relationship between camera-positions will be tighter).

Depending on your baseline and observation time, it will have a tolerance of the specs of the RS2 (H: 7 mm + 1 ppm / V: 14 mm + 1 ppm)


that helps !

So, about this known point, and reference point of the base (used for Gcps and Drone RTK):
Does this solution could be the “best” in order to have the same reference point for both gcps and drone rtk and also a base “near” the survey:

Instead of using Average in base mode I could the correction of my NTRIP supplier with my RS2 in Rover in order to take the exact position of the RS2. Then, if I let the RS2 at the exact same position, I could use this position collected before as “known point” ?
Then I could use my RS2 in Base with this known point for PPK and drone RTK with the “same reference point” than when I took Gcps in NTRIP with supplier? ??? :smiley:

WOW! Nice down and dirty tutorial. I have neverver read Emlid’s instructions but I think I could just about do this now.

I would go this way,
Arrive on site:

  1. Collect the GCP’s using the RS2 and your NTRIP provider
  2. After finishing with your GCP’s, setup the base with connection to your NTRIP, and start logging.
  3. In Base mode, do Average Fixed for 5-10 mins
  4. When done (see the message Base launched with new coordinates), you can turn off the correction input and enable the NTRIP correction output to the emlid caster
  5. If the drone supports ntrip corrections you can use your emlid caster mountpoint to receive the corrections.

This way both gcp’s and drone are bound to the same reference system which in your case is your NTRIP provider’s system.
There is no need to setup the base to a “known” point as long as you do average fixed base mode.



  1. Can you confirm that Average Fix is calculated in connection with my NTRIP provider (or maybe I miss something) ? thanks

If you select Average fixed in base mode the receiver must have ntrip correction input on in order to calculate the position of the base station. You will see a green bar in base mode collecting and averaging the position of the base station.
If the receiver is single or float while you go to base mode it will not collect any data.
So if you have ntrip corrections on from your provider then the position of the base will be related to the same system as your providers.

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