Recompiling Reach RTKLIB source code (rtkrcv and/or str2srv)

How to recompile reach RTK receiver source code

To recompile str2srv just replace rtkrcv with str2srv in the instructions bellow

  1. Connect reach to internet using a Wi-Fi access point/router. Steps for doing that are explained

  2. Connect your PC to the same Wi-Fi access point/router.

  3. Open a SSH connection from your PC to the Reach (using putty for example).
    Username: root
    Password: emlidreach

  4. Shallow clone the repository with the source code. On the ssh shell type:
    git clone --depth 10 -b reach

  5. Edit the source code that you just checked out to meet your needs. Typically you only have to change the RTKLIB/src/erb.c file.

  6. Compile the code:
    cd RTKLIB/app/rtkrcv/gcc

  7. Stop the rtkrcv process that is running on reach before installing a new one:
    pidof rtkrcv | xargs kill -9

  8. make install is currently broken, so to install you need to manually copy the rtkrcv file:
    cp rtkrcv /usr/bin/RTKLIB/app/rtkrcv/gcc/rtkrcv/

  9. Reboot your reach and enjoy the new code :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your hard work @Amilcar_Lucas! It’d be great if these changes got merged into Arducopter 3.5 prior to the final release.

Are you having good success with the RTCM3 messages yet in terms of getting reliable RTK FIXes?

With my patches I finally got 100% reliable RTK fixes during the entire flight, including aggressive manouvers.

So yes it is working. But is too late for the ArduCopter 3.5 release cycle.

Besides that … Emlid is not entusiatic about my patches… my two documentation update patches got rejected :frowning:

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That’s too bad, but I’m compiling my own version of Arducopter anyway so I can start testing your patches. Did you see my patch to the GPS module:

Yes, your patch is a very important one, many thanks for that.
I’ve just rebased my code on top of the latest master and splitted the ardupilot PR’s into three chunks, for simpler review and merging.

These new features are great at helping diagnosting GPS problems. Please help me put some presuure on Emlid to get this merged on their side.

@Amilcar_Lucas These changes are also important in order to use the Reach as a navigational GPS and to accurately calculate the rover to base offsets for navigational purposes. @emlid, is there an ETA on when these changes will be released for the Reach?

Hey Rob,

We’ve been busy working on big features introduced in v2.6.0 and v2.7.0, but now we will switch our focus back to RTKLIB. I’ve merged most of @Amilcar_Lucas’s fixes, except a really big one, so with some fixes of our own we will be working on v2.8.0, which will be mostly RTKLIB-oriented. Unfortunately, any engine update requires a lot of testing, so we can’t just merge and release. I think, early next week should be about right in terms of ETA.


Should it be possible to add Qt port in your sources from Jens Reimann here :
Advantage is to run GUI from Linux and Mac instead of running it with wine in these platforms

Thanks @egor.fedorov! Arducopter users will need these fixes to effectively use the Reach, especially for navigation and follow me type operations.

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