Recommended Software for data collection

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding software. In addition to collecting point, line and poly data, I am chasing software that I can use with the RS2 to select two collected points and traverse that line. I need to know the distance I am away from the line, and also how far along the line I am.
I do use ios software (both iphone and ipad), but not necessarily stuck with them and would consider purchasing an android device if there was a particularly good solution on that platform.
Other standard things I would like to be able to do as a matter of course are…

  • List item

Have pick lists created so that when I select a new point, I can select things like name, condition, date & time etc.
GOTO function, to navigate to a particular point
Select an existing point and view the information relating to it.
Import/export to various formats
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @andrewsevil,

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend the exact software. In our docs we have some list of apps that work with Reach units. Note, that Reach can’t be paired with Apple devices via BT as iOS doesn’t allow to replace its GPS coordinates with the coordinates from Reach.

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MapIt GIS PRO among others to sift through here in the forum or Google Play store for Android devices.

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