Recommended Radio reciever/transmitter?

Hey I’m new here, I’m building autonomous drone, any long range quality RC units that you recommend?

the setup so far:

navio 2

esc - DALRC 40A behilu 32 1

S500 - frame 1

emax motor 2212 2213
4 סט\חבילה EMAX 2212 MT2213 935KV Brushless מנוע עבור F450 F550 X525 Multicopter Quadcopter 1045 מדחפים|emax 2212|motor foremax 2212 mt2213 935kv - AliExpress 1

rpi 3

5s 5000mah battey

rpi camera v2 for now. (may be replaced later)

It depends of the range you want to have!
I bought the XLRS D3 for my pro drone and I’m using NAVIO2 as controller! A bit expensive but the max range is 200km

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