Recommended NTRIP radio set for REACH?

Getting ready for REACH. Paul didn’t get an answer. For the data from the Base to the Rover it almost looks like a simple transmitter broadcasting the NMEA data to the rover input will be adequate. I only need a bit less than a mile link and the data should be streaming one way. No need for a WiFi AP. Any suggestions for an eBay type RF link? Otherwise will buy a couple of USB access boxes. Thanks

Following up on Lawrence’s post: We were assuming the UHF radio (broadcaster and receiver) are already included in the chip, but apparently this is not the case? So we have the same question on what radio transmitter to use, except we will be using the REACH RTK for 10 - 20 KM base-to-rover range. We also won’t use WiFi.


Hi guys,

We’re hoping for an answer soon so we can initiate purchasing radio devices asap.