Recommendation for PPP using API

Can anyone point to a recommended service for PPP that can be accessed using a standard API (i.e. REST) and not regular web-page interface?


Javad Justin software can PPP

as well as CHCNAV software

I believe these are standard web interfaces and not through an API

NRCAN has an small util. Though it is not an API, it is not a web-page either (though it is still just an uploader to cloud-service):

A program like EzSurv can process it locally, but not sure it is accesible by API or command-line. Maybe @Effigis_OnPOZ can help here?


I also recommend the NRCAN app that @wizprod linked. I use it and it’s very handy. You can create several shortcuts on your desktop with different processing parameters and then just drag and drop your observation files on the shortcut to automatically upload, process, and download the results to a local folder specified in the parameters.

There isn’t a simpler interface.

Hi @gast,

We maintain a Restful API called RinexPro. This is mainly used as a web interface but we have implemented the rest features too. It does support PPP. Feel free to contact me florian @

Thank you all for the recommendations.
@Florian - I will take it offline.

EZSurv is not available by API or command-line.
It offers batch processing and a user-friendly UI.

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